ROCK AGAINST MS FOUNDATION, 501(c)3 is in the first phase to fund the ROCK HOUSE, which will allow us to provide integrative therapies, classes, community programs, basic care and expanded resources free of charge to those whose lives have been affected by MS. The ROCK HOUSE MS Support Center, is a crucial component that will allow us to fulfill our mission by building this much needed resource center.

We will continue our work by providing outreach services and support with our 3 program system to those who cannot get to a center. These programs will provide daily care, quality of life needs and emergency funding for people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Our educational initiatives include MS awareness campaigns which help explain everything from what the symptoms of MS are to what life with MS is like as well as health and wellness resources, which include information about everything from the benefits of adopting a vegan diet to the importance of treating emotional and mental trauma.

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